The ESI Process

One way we have assured success is by following a systematic implementation process for the automation projects we undertake. This standardized process, or project methodology, contains several distinct stages during the course of each project. This “staged method” helps us to get all parties involved so they can perform to clearly defined expectations. We are constantly evolving our processes to bring better products to you, faster.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Service is our middle name – really! As a Company, we pride ourselves on shying away from the corporate approach, relying instead on our team of individual industry experts to support our clients in the design, installation and service of their facilities automation system. Our goal is a life-long relationship with each and every customer, and to realize that goal we assume the role of a trusted adviser. As technology and products evolve, ESI will be by your side, telling you about new technologies, explaining options and supporting your needs – no matter how great or small they may be.

Project Design

We review each project opportunity and evaluate the existing system with a client to determine what results will be expected, reaching a consensus on the project scope and the desired outcome. We then work with the client to collect all necessary data on the existing system. Finally, we create and provide a detailed description of the project to our client for approval.

Product Selection

Once a prospective project becomes a reality, we begin to review specifications and verify compatibility requirements for new and existing software and hardware. During this phase, our Project Management team acquires all necessary parts and equipment to complete the project and meet our client’s expectations. ESI represents multiple products and technologies, which allows us the flexibility to provide the best products to fit our client’s needs.


Upon award of a new project, our Project Managers will work to schedule a new installation with the client. This is coordinated to assure minimal system downtime and disruption. Upon completion of the scheduling phase, the commencement of the field installation begins. As equipment is brought under the control of the automation system, our start-up technicians begin the process of start-up and/or commissioning of the new system. Lastly, a final review and approval with the client takes place to ensure the new system meets the approved scope of work.


Our software and IT professional’s setup hardware and software to verify compatibility with all new and existing systems. Our team of System Programmers build the soft code that is required by each system according to specific project scope, which includes creating graphic panels, history logs, schedules, alarms, and reports. A final review and test of the configuration and programming is completed to assure the system meets quality control standards and project specifications.


We are committed to supporting the needs of your business and your building(s) for life. We recognize that change is continual in our industry, and it is our responsibility to keep our customers up to date on new technologies, product advancements, and new system capabilities. Dependable Service & Support is just a phone call or email away!