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Over the past four decades, ESI has installed over 1,000 systems, most of which are maintained and/or upgraded by our skilled technicians. ESI remains one of the few building automation contractors left that utilizes our own in-house installation staff.

ESI has the capability to install operational monitoring, security, and reporting systems using state-of-the-art equipment for data archiving, analysis, and perhaps most importantly, the ability to share all of this data through industry standard open protocols. For over 40 years, ESI has enjoyed an enviable reputation as a highly skilled and trusted building automation contracting and services company.

Building Automation Controls

Building Automation Controls from Schneider Electric Schneider Electric

“The evolution of SmartStruxure Solution, including the introduction of the SmartX Actuator, SmartX Sensor, and more IP-enabled SmartX Controller product ranges, means Schneider Electric’s preeminent building management system goes even further to: enable efficiency, support intelligence, and guarantee system compatibility.” – Schneider Electric

Visit Schneider Electrics Enterprise Solutions to see how the StruxureWare integrated software platform can work for you!

Engineered Services Inc. has been a trusted, factory trained and certified Schneider Electric partner for over 30 years.

Building Automation Controls from Delta Delta Controls

We believe if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. As we grow across the globe, our Partners and customers remain our family. Our products are built to last, and we never compromise on quality. From how we build our product, conduct our business, or care for the world, our people and our Partners share this vision of how business should be. We can all make a difference.” -Delta Controls, winner of Control Trends Building Automation System of the Year Award 2014, a control line built on the open, NON-proprietary BACnet communication protocol.

Visit Delta Controls enteliWEB Solutions to check out how Delta Controls web based supervisory platform makes facilities management a whole lot easier!

ESI has been a trusted, factory trained and certified Delta Controls partner for over a decade.

Building Analytics

Schneider Electric

“Performance Analytics is a new suite of functionality within Schneider Electric’s StruxureWare Resource Advisor energy and sustainability software platform. This functionality builds on Resource Advisor’s existing set of capabilities, which includes the ability to monitor energy and carbon markets, manage key sustainability metrics and report results to stakeholders on more than 400 types of resource streams, including utility and facility data, weather data, and water and energy usage.” – Schneider Electric


Copper Tree

“In the past, energy managers and engineers took a building’s schematics, utility bills and equipment, and then painstakingly built up energy profiles with manual calculations. Today’s software-based energy analytics does that work for you by extracting data directly from your building automation system. Sophisticated algorithms swiftly analyze your building’s energy consumption and display those metrics in dashboards. With SaaS energy analytics, the metrics you once spent hours manually calculating are now just a click away. Acquire, Analyze & Advise.” – CopperTree Analytics